The affordable way to make your dynamic out-of-home campaign.

Fully exploiting Digital Out-of-Home is tricky. Nowadays adverts need to be dynamic and reactive in order to grab attention. A recent study by Talon shows that there is indeed a measurable value to dynamic, contextual advertising:

By optimising campaigns by time of day to when brand and category sales are most likely, a brand sales effect of nearly +50% can be achieved.


Kong Live allows ads to do exactly this: using data to change copy on-the-fly brings digital OOH to a whole new level. Adverts become relevant, informative and engaging. There's always a way to make an advert more creative with dynamic copy.


Check out some of our previous work below:


Case Studies


Greggs wanted to promote a weather appropriate promotion on this screen outside their store in Leeds City Centre. The digital poster dynamically picked the best creative to display based on the surrounding weather conditions. For example, only when it was sunny would the Summer Quicknic deal be displayed. 



















East Midlands Trains showed commuters just exactly how fast they could travel to London from Sheffield with real-time train data for the UK National Rail network. The project monitored for any delays or cancellations to make sure the advert was always accurate.















Newcastle Council engaged city centre Rugby World Cup fans by displaying a huge countdown to the next match which would be broadcast to the fans live.








We complete projects for a fraction of alternative providers but there's no one-size-fits-all approach so every project is quoted for indivudually. Nothing is too simple or too complex and you can start reaping the benefits of dynamic out-of-home as soon as your first poster goes live.